Is the country where I spent the majority of my work in the Asian community.

Both as a volunteer and a project coordinator for a local NGO called VPV, Volunteers for Peace in Vietnam.

My first long trip away from home. Little did I know, that traveling would be the way for me to connect to people and what my close future would consist of.

As a young man whom was adopted, I felt the need to give something back to the kids who were not as blessed as I was.So I thought volunteering would be a great way for me to teach the kiddos and help them out.

Truth be told, I think that the kids taught me way more than what I could ever give them, I owe them alot for the laughs and love.

The personal journey that I took and my view of life was never the same again.


We all have that one place that place in the world that we dream of to visit one day.

China, and more specifically The Great Wall, was THAT one for me! During my childhood, this wall stood for something more, something legendary, something that represented a culture where respect for each other was praised as something to strive for.

So I made it one of my life quests to visit it, not only prove that dreams can come true, if you hard enough for it, but also because I wanted to ease the passion that I had for excitement

All my travels around the world has been founded by myself - which I take proud in, knowing that I fought for it.


As a true Otaku, Japan has always fascinated me. The cosplay, the games, the anime and the beautiful view. Their culture and people contributed a lot to my personal values and beliefs in our world, how to accept people. I could spend hours talking about their impact in my life, but to see for yourself? Hit me up on Facebook, Linked in and why not hear about it in one of my many presentations about motivating youth to work towards their dreams, by sharing with me my journey - not only to Japan, but also alot of other amazing places in our world!


During my trip in Vietnam I got offered to travel to Cambodia to visit the Angkor Wat.

Back then I did not know what the Angkor Wat was but according to the history it is the biggest Hindu temple in the worldAs the little runt that I was, and eager to see more out of the world made me susceptible and easily convinced to join - which I am glad that I did.

The experience and the temple was absolute amazing and you could say that trip acted as the foundation for towards my perception of traveling.


We all have that one superhero when we grow up that wanted to be like; Superman, Batman, Spiderman…Heracles?

Yes, for me Heracles was the foundation for a lot of my interest in the Greek mythology and history. About the young man whom was an outcast who never quit fit in, whom was adopted as well. I related to alot of the history, sadly, many people (among them close peers of mine) told me that I couldn't keep watching Heracles as a 21 year old, that it’s not a real character, that it is only a imaginable world.

Well, I know what he meant to me and I decided to prove that for myself. I knew it was a feeling, but it doesn't have to end with that.

So I did what they said wasn’t possible – I trained, I fell, I stood up proudly and I climbed the Mt. Of the Gods – Olympus.


Aussie offers some of the most beautiful places in the world. With that said, knowing that the people are some of the most friendly that I've ever met.

There is hardly any bad thing to say about it, swimming with the dolphins, giant turtles and lots of other amazing creatures in the Great Barrier reef - was a dream coming true on some many levels. Going to Australia and the barrier reef was a project that was not planned to be happening as soon as it did, but I am still glad that I went, and I will definitely have to go back - soon!


Places that I will be visiting during 2014. So keep an eye out so you don't miss it, you are able to purchase tickets at the links down below

19/07 - African integration festival in Sundsvall, 25/07 - NarCon at Linkoping University, 14-22/08 - Serbia, Summer Academy AER, 30/08 - PeppCon at Uppsala, 28/09 - KawaiiCon at Sundsvall, 02/10 - Influence festival at Sundsvall,