My name is David Asplund and I work with Youth Development in Sundsvall. I am currently giving presentations focusing on eliminating self-doubt by increasing commitment in order to achieve ones goals.

The purpose of my presentation is to emphasize the importance of standing up for oneself, setting goals, and how to achieve them. I would like inspire young adults by sharing with them a self-created framework of success as well as stories of my personal challenges and how I’ve overcome them. These are stories about my personal journey from a small town in Sweden to many beautiful and life changing events that I have experienced around our world.

I believe that, by doing so, it will motivate the young adults to work hard towards their own dream.

I believe young adults often limit themselves and are unable to reach their true potential due to external factors such as, negative influence from family and friends, being bullied, and lack of belief in their own dream.

In my youth was bullied and discriminated against. This made me feel inadequate and isolated. Fortunately, I later came to know a person who became my role model. He was a very encouraging basketball coach who helped change my life for the better.

He made me feel significant, important and taught me the importance of overcoming self-doubt and following my dream. Therefore, I am particularly concern with matters regarding bullying and would like to follow in my role model’s footsteps and spread the word of change through my presentations.

Kind regards,

David Asplund